What are Sacramento Bail Bonds, and How Do They Help Me?

If someone you care about is in jail, it can be difficult to know exactly how to help. You’ve likely heard of Sacramento bail bonds, but you don’t know how they help you. There is a lot of information out there – not all of it is true, and not all of it is helpful. This post will clear it all up so that you can get the answers you need. After all, you’re looking to bail someone out of jail quickly, not read a bunch of information about the bail system. Here’s a concise answer to what Sacramento bail bonds are, and how they help you.

Sacramento Bail Bonds: The Best Way Out of Jail

In order to fully understand what bail bonds are, we need to know what bail is, and how it works. When a person is arrested, a certain dollar amount is set – this is the amount that must be paid in order for that person to be released before their trial. If bail isn’t paid, then they will sit in jail until their trial. The bail amount is decided based on a number of things. But, the main influencers are:

  1. The Type of Crime Committed (Severity of the Offense)
  2. The Defendant’s Criminal History (Whether or Not this is a Second or Third Offense)
  3. The Defendant’s Flight Risk (The Court Must Ensure they Face Justice)

Often, bail can be difficult to pay, because it must be paid in full, and it must be in cash. You can’t use a credit card if you’re just paying the full bail amount. This can be tough for many families, which is why Sacramento bail bonds are the answer. When you obtain a bail bond, you only have to pay a small percentage of the full bail amount as a fee to the bail agent. The bond they issue to the court promises to pay the full amount, should the defendant skip bail. When you purchase a bail bond, you’re paying for the convenience of not having to come up with all the money at once. When you co-sign the bail bond, you’ll need to pay the fee, and you’ll need to understand that you are responsible for the defendant showing up in court. You could face financial consequences if they decide to leave town.

Bail Bonds: Fast, Affordable, and Simple

When you get bail bonds for the release of someone you care about, you’ll be using the easiest way possible. This is because bail bonds are fast, simple, and affordable. Many bail agents provide payment plans, and allow payment with a credit card, making it much easier than paying bail outright!

How to Use Modesto Bail Bonds to Get a Loved One Out of Jail

Most people don’t deal with the criminal justice system on a daily basis. Unless you are a lawyer, bail agent, or court or jail employee for bail bonds in Modesto, you don’t have a good grasp of what to expect when someone you care about is arrested. This is why so many people panic when a loved one calls them in the middle of the night saying they are in jail. Thankfully, there are options for getting someone you care about released and back home where they belong. One of the best options is Modesto bail bonds – they are fast, affordable, and easy to obtain. Here’s how:

Step One: Gather Information

Before you can work to get them released, you need to gather some information about the person who has been arrested. The following information will be extremely helpful when you work with an agent:

  • Defendant’s Name and Birthdate
  • Jail Where they are Being held
  • What their Bail is Set At

Step Two: Find a Bail Agent in Modesto

There are a few ways to go about finding a qualified bail agent. First, do an online search, and gather some names. Do some research by looking at reviews, and checking to make sure they are licensed. And finally, give them a call. The best way to determine if a bail agent is legitimate is to simply talk to them and see how wiling they are to help.

Step Three: Obtain Modesto Bail Bonds

Once you’ve chosen a bail agent, they will walk you through the process. You’ll need to pay the agent’s fee (usually only 10-20% of the full bail amount, depending on the state where you are bailing someone out), provide any necessary collateral (each bail agency requires different things), and co-sign the bail bond. It’s important to understand that Modesto county bail bonds are legally binding documents – you need to make sure you trust the person you are bailing out!

Obtaining a bail bond for the release of a loved one is fast, affordable, and simple. Find the bail agent you trust, and they’ll walk you through the process. Your friend or family member will be back home before you know it!

Bail Bondsman Weekly Review: Colorado, North Carolina, Louisiana

Weekly we will do a new bail bondsman review. Bail bondsman frequently come to us asking if we can sponsor them on our site, or if they can advertise here. We are not a bail bond directory. But for select bondsman that we have found to be doing an excellent job in their local and industry, we have decided to feature them on our site.

Colorado: We have just found out about a new bonds company in the Denver area. They have 3+ locations all across Colorado, with their Denver office being the headquarters. I say they are “new” however, they have actually been in business for several years. They are only new because they have joined in with new management and are revamping their branding and internet prescreen (hence why they found our blog and came to us!). Locations they service: Weld County bail bonds, Greeley bail bonds, Denver (and all of the metro area), Fort Collins, Loveland, Pueblo County, and more. If you live in Colorado, you can most likely rely on these guys.

North Carolina: These two are presented together, because a lot of businesses owners service both states (because of their proximity to each other).  However, keep in mind that the bail laws are different in each state, and that you have to have your bond written in the correct state in order to be properly validated at your county jail. No Hold Bail Bonds provides bail bonds to the following locations: Salisbury NC bail bonds, Union Bail Bonds, Rowan County Bail Bonds.

Louisiana: Bail Bonds Baton Rouge is currently the leader in bail bonds in the south. Check them out if you need a hand.

Oklahoma City: Find bail bonds in Oklahoma City ASAP.


Bail Bond Company Necessary or Not?

The criminal justice system plays a central role in the control of crime in society and the local economy. Great precision and care must be taken so that none of the dangerous criminals escape from the law, while still giving forgiveness to those who have just made a poor decision. This is where a bail bondsman agency comes into play. If the judge at the initial hearing determines that the crime committed is not too dangerous for the general public, the accused will be released on bail.

Many people do not have the up-front cash available for the bail bond, especially in cases where the bail is set to a large amount (this can be $1000-$100,000+). Most people turn to a bail bond company in this difficult situation to help them come up with the cash necessary to get their loved one released from prison.

Why is a criminal let out of jail on bail? Its a controversial topic. The person(s) detained for a crime cannot necessarily be proven guilty until the court of law decides otherwise or when the full investigation proceedings are up. In this common situation, it is sometimes less beneficial to detain the person for the entire period of trial; this of course would be the infringement of his civil rights pertaining to life and personal liberty. Not to mention, the cost of keeping the accused in a prison cell is sometimes not worth the money to the court system. The bail bondsman will act as a cushion and allows for setting the person free till he or she is convicted by the court of law.


Reasonable Restrictions –

You are restricted from using a bail bond company only in extreme or rare circumstances. For example, if the crime the accused is charged for is too severe (like rape or murder), or if the offense is a federal offense (drug related). In these rare cases, there is no bail set by the judge so the accused has no other choice but to wait inside of a jail cell until their court date.

Additionally, some states in the US do not allow bail bonds at all, or have more strictly enforced laws regulating the ability to qualify for a bail bond. Here are some quick resources for surety bond law in different US states:

Denver Bail


Employing Professional Bail Bond Company / Agencies

There are literally hundreds of bondsman out there who will be willing to post bail for you or a close friend. The trick is finding the one who will do it at a fair price, and one who you are qualified for. Bond rates vary based on your credit score and amount of personal collateral you may or may not be able to offer as security for the bond.

Keep in mind that as long as the defendant appears at all his/her court dates, the total amount of the bond will NOT need to be payed back. The only cost is a small fee that is payed to the bail bondsman for putting up the cash up front. This fee is usually around 10%, sometimes as low as 5% and in situations with very poor credit, as high as 20%.