What are Sacramento Bail Bonds, and How Do They Help Me?

If someone you care about is in jail, it can be difficult to know exactly how to help. You’ve likely heard of Sacramento bail bonds, but you don’t know how they help you. There is a lot of information out there – not all of it is true, and not all of it is helpful. This post will clear it all up so that you can get the answers you need. After all, you’re looking to bail someone out of jail quickly, not read a bunch of information about the bail system. Here’s a concise answer to what Sacramento bail bonds are, and how they help you.

Sacramento Bail Bonds: The Best Way Out of Jail

In order to fully understand what bail bonds are, we need to know what bail is, and how it works. When a person is arrested, a certain dollar amount is set – this is the amount that must be paid in order for that person to be released before their trial. If bail isn’t paid, then they will sit in jail until their trial. The bail amount is decided based on a number of things. But, the main influencers are:

  1. The Type of Crime Committed (Severity of the Offense)
  2. The Defendant’s Criminal History (Whether or Not this is a Second or Third Offense)
  3. The Defendant’s Flight Risk (The Court Must Ensure they Face Justice)

Often, bail can be difficult to pay, because it must be paid in full, and it must be in cash. You can’t use a credit card if you’re just paying the full bail amount. This can be tough for many families, which is why Sacramento bail bonds are the answer. When you obtain a bail bond, you only have to pay a small percentage of the full bail amount as a fee to the bail agent. The bond they issue to the court promises to pay the full amount, should the defendant skip bail. When you purchase a bail bond, you’re paying for the convenience of not having to come up with all the money at once. When you co-sign the bail bond, you’ll need to pay the fee, and you’ll need to understand that you are responsible for the defendant showing up in court. You could face financial consequences if they decide to leave town.

Bail Bonds: Fast, Affordable, and Simple

When you get bail bonds for the release of someone you care about, you’ll be using the easiest way possible. This is because bail bonds are fast, simple, and affordable. Many bail agents provide payment plans, and allow payment with a credit card, making it much easier than paying bail outright!

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